How to use the new floor map during service?

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1. Select the Floor map from the top right menu

2. Choose from the available floor maps

3. Make sure you are on Live Mode - Top right


4. At the top you are presented with a date field and time bar

  • By default the date is set on today’s bookings, but you can choose to go forward and back in time by clicking on the arrows. 

  • The red line on the time bar represents the current time.

  • You can choose to view bookings for a select period of time simply by clicking on the desired start and end time. In this example below we have highlighted the service hours between 12:00 and 14:15

5. Available seating

Through the floor plan live mode view you can immediately see which tables are available and which are booked for any period of time.

  • Grey tables signify availability

  • Amber tables and /or chairs mean they are occupied.

  • You can block a table at any time by double clicking on the table and switch the “block table” toggle on.

6. Adding a booking

  • Double click or long press on a grey (available) table 

  • A modal will pop up to enter the booking details, such as number of adults, time and guest details.

  • From this same modal you can also select if the booking is a walk-in.

7. Guest List

  • On the left hand side, you are presented with a Guest List which shows all your bookings for any given time or service.

  • For each booking you can see: guest name, number of people and if any are on the waiting list.

  • You can also search for guests by typing the guest name in the search box.

  • Each booking is colour-coded to show from which booking channel the booking was made.

8. Quick Icons

In the top right corner you are presented with a number of shortcut buttons

  1. The information icon opens up the legend for a quick view of the booking channels and their respective colours.

  2. The notes icon opens up the notes section. You can add your own notes for staff by clicking on “Create Note” - for example “We are out of salmon for today”.

  1. As its name suggests, the quick overview button opens up a dashboard with all your bookings for the day, including: Confirmed bookings, cancelled bookings, no-shows and total covers. You also get an overview of bookings by service hours.

  2. Close off button allows you to easily tick to close off dining areas per service, for online bookings. You can re-open closed off areas by simply unticking the checkboxes.

  3. Use the print button to print your floor map to be used for service.

  4. Adjust the floor plan to fit a printable area by using the zoom in and zoom out buttons .

  5. Allows you to view the floor map in full screen mode
    You can also move the entire floor plan on the page by clicking on the canvas and scrolling or moving your mouse.

  6. Allows you to open or close the sidebar to allow for more space to view your floor map canvas.

Click on the video below for a more detailed overview

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